Product Registration

Register your 9th Wave product for the latest information on 9th Wave and benefit from the 2 + 5 year warranty extension on (carbon) rims and Crash Replacement Support.

Please note that you must register your 9th Wave product within 30 days from the date of purchase to benefit from the warranty extension. The same timeframe applies to the registration of wheels and rims for participation in crash replacement support.

You can find the product number inside the rim, under the rim tape. To register your 9th Wave products, please fill out the next form. You will get a notification when we receive your product registration. 


Product information


How does it work and what will we do with your data?

All we ask from you is to register your product on our website. This is to determine that you are the original owner of the product and to make it easier to handle a crash replacement or warranty claim as we will have all purchase and product details on file. Also, we would like to send you some information every once in a while. We will NOT spam you or sell your data to others.

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