Crash Replacement

It’s our goal to make our customers 9th Wave fans for life. Therefore 9th Wave offers crash replacement support. This support program covers accidents which are not covered by warranty or extended warranty for any reason.

50% Discount

9th Wave products are designed to be ridden under all conditions. But still, situations can occur that even our products can’t handle. Think of trees suddenly crossing path, your bike falling off a cliff or any other crash so to speak. For this kind of cases we offer a 50% discount off the actual list price on parts. Shipping or rebuilding is not part of this support. You will have the choice to have the wheel rebuild or replaced at 9th Wave Cycling or in other cases by your approved 9th Wave dealer.

Make sure you register your product within 30 days from the date of purchase in order to use the crash program in the future and to get 5 year extra warranty on most rims!



Crash Replacement Conditions

Crash replacement support  is an optional service provided by 9th Wave B.V., as a result of which you shall have the one-time opportunity to have your 9th Wave product replaced with a 50% discount on the official list price at that time.

The following procedures and provisions govern the services guaranteed to the buyer as part of crash replacement support by 9th Wave, as well as the preconditions under which claims can be made for these services.

1.   Integral component of the warranty provisions

These provisions on crash replacement support shall not guarantee an independent claim. By activating (see point 2 below) crash replacement support, these provisions shall become an integral component of 9th Wave’s warranty provisions. The terms defined in the warranty shall in turn also be valid for crash replacement claims

2.   Activation of crash replacement

In order to be able to benefit from a possible crash replacement, you must register your rims or wheels on the 9th Wave website within 30 days of the date of purchase.

After this 30-day period, valid registration is no longer possible, and a claim for crash replacement can no longer occur. We therefore recommend registering with 9th Wave immediately upon buying a new product or rim/wheel from 9th Wave. By registering, you not only meet the basic precondition for participation in crash replacement support, but you also extend the warranty on carbon rims from 2 to 7 years from the date of purchase at the same time. A rim/wheel procured by means of crash replacement shall be excluded from a further crash replacement. The original date of purchase is leading for the warranty period. It is not renewed or extended after repair/exchange of the rim/wheel.

3.   Models covered by crash replacement support

Crash replacement support applies to all 9th Wave wheels and rims. Other 9th wave products are excluded from this extra service.

4.   Submitting a crash replacement request

A crash replacement request can be submitted following the same procedure as described in the warranty conditions.

In short: The crash replacement shall be reported to your 9th Wave dealer. Your dealer shall inform 9th Wave of your request for crash replacement, incl. photos of the defective product and rim/wheel number. 9th Wave shall check the circumstances and deliver a replacement to the 9th Wave dealer in the event of a positive decision. The assembly and basic adjustments must be performed by the 9th Wave dealer. Should these preconditions not be adhered to, warranty claims of any kind may be rejected.

(full warranty conditions here)

5.   Duration of crash replacement eligibility

Crash replacement shall span the entire warranty period, including the extended warranty period and applies to the original owner of the product.

6.   Exclusion of crash replacement

All circumstances that lead to exclusion from the 9th Wave warranty shall also exclude participation in crash replacement support. Fraud will lead to a total ban from warranty and crash replacement now and in the future. Furthermore, a rim/wheel may only be replaced once as part of crash replacement support. Crash replacement shall include:

  • consequences of a fall during proper use
  • damage through no fault of your own, and without involving third parties

7.   Level of the damage as a precondition for the claim

Crash replacement may take effect if the rim/wheel has experienced a detrimental effect to its functional capacity and thus negatively impacting safe riding. If the rim or wheel is not damaged, or is not damaged to the extent described above, no claim for crash replacement can occur. This is not to discourage anyone. It’s just to be clear that e.g. a scratch is not a good reason for a crash replacement.

8.   Services as part of the crash replacement

Depending on the situation the rim or wheel shall be replaced as part of crash replacement. Damaged components that are not part of the rim or wheel shall be excluded from crash replacement. If the same model can no longer be supplied, a rim or wheel from the direct successor model may be purchased. The labour costs/wages of the 9th Wave dealer are not included in crash replacement.

9.   Severability clause

Should a provision from crash replacement support  be or become invalid, or exhibit a loophole to be closed, the legal force of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Instead of the missing or invalid provision, a provision that most closely approximates the meaning of the original provision shall be agreed

10.   Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

All disputes between parties will be submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands. It is agreed that the Dutch court shall be solely competent for all disputes resulting from or in connection with this warranty (including issues concerning validity of the contract).


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