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60mm | Aluminium


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Not just any 60 mm long valve…..

Why should you accept ugly valves in your high end, smooth looking wheels? At 9th Wave we make all our tubeless valves to match the depth of the rim. Not too long, not too short.

Next to that we make our valves from aluminium instead of heavy brass. Not only does this contribute to lower total wheel weight, but it is of major importance to the balance of the wheels.

(Ever experienced wobbly and shaking wheels on a high speed descent?… not a pleasant experience, right! A well balanced wheel eliminates this.)

And, at last… using aluminium as a material gives us the possibility to anodize the valves in black for a smooth look in combination with your rims.

The difference is in the details, isn’t is always?


Fits for:

Avalon 50


Any other 45 to 55 mm deep tubeless wheel

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