4-Shore Wheels

Made for 2.25 - 2.60 inch tires


  • Beach Race
  • | Enduro | All Mountain
  • | 29er Wheels
  • | For 2.25 - 2.6 Tires
  • | Rim Width 33.5 - 40.0 mm (in / out)
Starting at
1629 g

Estimated delivery time: Standard wheels 2 - 3 days | Custom Color Wheels 6 - 8 weeks


Probably our most special and unique wheelset: The first and only aero mountain bike wheels in the world.

Specially designed to meet the demands of beach racers. The niche in mountain biking where big tires, speed, and aero advantage come together. And, as it turns out, also very useful in any situation where the surface is loose and wide tires are the best choice, like snow biking and Enduro.

Research made clear that a 42 mm deep rim is the best size in combination with the already large tires. The width of 40 mm outside and 34 mm inside is optimal to support the tires without the tire being too bulged or too flat on the rim.

The rim has the typical 9th Wave signature: we have made the rims asymmetrical. We do this with all our rims as soon as we see the possibility. Because of the asymmetrical shape, we can build better quality wheels with a minimal difference in spoke tension between both sides of the wheels. The construction quality of the wheels and ultimately the driving characteristics will benefit from this.

Wheels are built with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes and brass nipples and with standard or boost hubs. Other configurations are available.


All 9th Wave tubeless wheels come standard with rim tape and lightweight aluminum valves installed. And, if you order disc brake rotors with your wheels, we will already mount these for you. All, so you can get out there and ride your new wheels as soon as possible!

  • Clear

Decal Color *

The stock decal color is gloss black. Custom color decals are made to order and delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks.


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Rim Profile


DT Swiss Aerolite spokes
28 Front / 28 Rear
Pattern, Front 3x, Rear 3x


Rim weight,  485 g.
Hookledge™ Rim Technology
Asymmetric Rim Design
6° Angle Spoke Holes
Mixed 3K/UD carbon layup
UD carbon finish
Tubeless ready, rim tape installed
Tubeless valves installed

Read more about 9th Wave technology here


9th Wave Hubs
15×100, 12×142, Boost & Lefty
Quick release adapters available
Shimano or Sram Xd 11/12 spd.
36 point (10°) driver engagement

Register Your Wheels!

Go to our product support pages to register your wheels and get unique 7 year warranty and crash replacement on your carbon rims!


The only aero mountainbike wheelset in the world
Unique Aero design
Extra wide carbon rims to fit big tires
Hookledge™ Rim Technology
Asymmetric Rim Design
15×100, 12×142, Boost & Lefty hubs
DT Swiss Spokes
Rider + gear max. weight: 125 Kg
Handbuilt in Netherlands

These wheels are available in custom designs. Any color is possible.

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